Dietary attributes of my recipes:

  • all are gluten-free,
  • many are vegetarian and/or vegan,
  • if they include meat, it’s white meat, poultry or fish
  • of course: they’re all “clean”! – aka made with Real Food – unprocessed ingredients, no chemical additives, and no refined or fake sugar.

If you care at all about why I cook/eat the way I do, here’s a bit more about it:

  • I noticed I’m very sensitive to gluten a few years ago.  So I cut that out of my diet.  You’re benefiting through my recipes.
  • both of my sisters became vegan a few years ago – they’re usually a bit more flexible these days one is currently a vegetarian, the other pescetarian – so, especially around the holidays, I make a lot of dishes to accommodate
  • plus, with side dishes, soups, etc, veggies are just great and the recipes happen pretty naturally
  • I love meat!  And find I feel better on a higher protein/”Building” diet (everyone’s different, I’m not encouraging you  to try it), so I usually add chicken, fish, & eggs where I can.  However, my dad was nice enough to pass down his genetically high cholesterol (thanks dad! haha) but did do a good job of raising us on white meat, which is generally a little more heart-healthy.  So I’ve never missed cutting out red meat, because I never actually cut it out of my diet.
  • I hate cheese. Always have.  So you won’t find much cheese in my recipes.  You may add it, if you like it. – But I encourage you take a look at my calorie saving tricks if you do.
  • I love sugar. (Especially chocolate.)  So my recipes still have sugar.  But I try to use healthier alternatives.  And repeat the motto: everything in moderation.
  • I believe in fat.  Healthy/real/unrefined fats and oils are actually good for us.  In moderation.

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