Wine Gummy Candy

Wine Gummy CandyMakes 12 Candy Hearts

Gluten Free, Not-for-Kids: muahaha


  • 1 cup red wine (fruity, not dry) – I used inexpensive merlot
  • 4 tbsp unflavored gelatin – can find it in the grocery store next to/with the jello
  • 3 tbsp pure Grade B maple syrup
  • Silicone molds
  • metal whisk
  • strainer


  1. Over low-low heat, warm .5 cups of red wine in a small saucepan (you never want the wine to heat more than about medium heat because that will burn off the alcohol, but the gelatin will dissolve better in warmer liquids)
  2. Slowly add in the gelatin, mixing with a whisk the whole time to help it dissolve
  3. As the liquid warms up, add in the maple syrup
  4. (I added in the maple syrup after about 2 tbsp of gelatin to help the liquid::powder ratio)
  5. Once all the gelatin is added, turn off the heat and remove from the hot burner.
  6. Stir in rest of wine.
  7. Pour mix into molds through your strainer in order to get any chunks of gelatin from setting in.
  8. Put in the refrigerator until gummies harden – about 2-3 hours.
  9. Enjoy wine night with friends!

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