Cheesy Tips & Tricks

Calorie Cutting Tricks without losing flavor in your recipes!

Calorie Cutting Tricks without losing flavor in your recipes!

I’ve always hated cheese, so that’s where I got lucky on the calorie-saving train.  Too bad I’m obsessed with chocolate, haha.

But one of the best calorie-saving tricks I’ve ever heard was for cheese swapping in your recipes:

  • use cheeses with Bold, sharp flavors, so you’ll need less, thus fewer calories
  • always buy good quality cheeses.  They’re provide bolder, better flavors and ingredients
  • never buy the grated type!  Do it yourself and you’ll use less, especially if you use a microplane grater

Go for cheeses like: (you all may even know more about the kinds of cheeses than me since it’s not my thing. The point is to go for bold tastes -> you need less.  For example, mozzarella can easily just be thrown into a recipe for texture vs flavor and tack on a ton of extra calories).

  • Parmesan
  • Gruyere
  • Havarti
  • low-fat swiss, but never baby-Swiss because it’s more mild

And when cooking, if a recipe like lasagna calls for a ton of mozzarella, you can reduce the amount of calories by reducing the amount of mozzarella and adding in a smaller amount of another cheese, like parmesan.  A great recipe to try this with is this Spinach and Mushroom Veggies Lasagna.  I HIGHLY recommend the Cook Yourself Thin women!  They’re the ones who taught me this trick!  Check out more of their recipes there.


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