No One Diet Works for Everyone: My Approach

As a nutrition consultant student and someone who has been interested in nutrition for many years, I continue to study all major theories of nutrition and implement practical lifestyle practices to maintain a healthy, well-rounded diet.  Most approaches to nutrition dwell on counting calorie intake, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.  However, instead of creating lists of restrictions, the good and the bad, I focus on creating a healthy life and diet that is flexible, delicious, and free of denial and discipline.

The goal of life is to enjoy every moment!  Let’s focus on what works best for you, your body type, and your lifestyle.

No One Diet Works for Everyone.  We can find the right food and lifestyle choices that best support you.  We’ll implement gradual, life long changes to help you improve current and future health goals.

Epitomizing a diet that supports your metabolism type AND lifestyle will, of course, enhance your quality of life many times over, in terms of making you feel healthier and making life a little more enjoyable overall.


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